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About our financing services

One of the most fulfilling moments in life is owning a place to call home. This can be just a piece of land that you have acquired or a structuring you are trying to put up. At Canaansites we not only understand what that felling is like but also what that process is like. We all dream of building that dream home however land and construction in general are both very expensive especially in the high demand areas where we all dream of living.

As a way of supporting our clients achieve their dreams, Canaansites Limited has partnered with reliable financial institutions i.e. Housing Finance Bank, Equity Bank and Centenary Bank to deliver the required financing required to bring our clients dreams near to them in a safe, cost effective and manageable way.

Canaansites Limited has streamlined the process of acquiring a loan or a mortgage from the bank through its transparent, efficient and cost-effective business processes making it easy and faster for its clients to realize their dreams today.

Tips for Buyers

Do your homework before buying land. You might see the property as a blank slate full of potential, but you don’t want to get in over your head.

  • Closing costs: - In addition to a purchase price, you may also have closing costs if you get a loan. Look for origination fees, processing fees, credit check costs, appraisal fees, and more. Find out how much you’ll pay, and make your final financing decision with those numbers in mind. For a relatively inexpensive property, closing costs can amount to a substantial percentage of the purchase price.

  • Get a survey: - Don’t assume that current fence lines, markers, or “obvious” geographic features accurately show a property boundary. Get a professional to complete a boundary survey and verify before you buy. Current property owners may not know what they own, and it’ll be your problem after you buy.

  • Check the title: - Especially if you’re borrowing informally (using your home equity or seller financing, for example), do what professional lenders do — a title search. Find out if there are any liens or other issues with the property before you hand over money.

  • Budget for other costs: Once you own the land, you may be on the hook for additional expenses. Review those expenses in addition to any loan payments you’ll make for the land.

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